Saturday, August 10, 2013

Death of the Final Vrykolakas

Death of the Final Vrykolakas
San Francisco, California

My name is Martha Watts. I'm standing in the home of Nathan Mannish here in San Francisco, California, observing the scene before me. I have actually broken into his house through the back door because he cannot open the door for my entrance.

Everything here is just as it said it would be.

I've been visited by the otherworldly creature called The Horrorwalker. It visited me in my bedroom three nights ago and it forced me to read a missive from that huge book it carries around with it. I can assure you of one fact, I was an unwilling participant.

Like everybody else who has ever been in contact with this monstrous black clothed thing, it forced me to read what is know to be my story. The poem, actually, did have a title... Death of the Final Vrykolakas!

The final passage in this Horrorwalker Travel Guide tale is this poem! I was instructed, inside my Horrorwalker Travel Guide tale, to take this picture and post it on +THE HORRORWALKER WORLD Horrorwalker Poetry Site. Why? Maybe I'll never know, but I'm doing it. Then I'll call the police so that they can be alerted of the tragedy here.

I know the true story that led to this moment in time... and I am so fear filled to know that I am expected to carry on with the deeds Nathan started, and ended, in his death!

But that is a story for another time.

Here it is, world, in poetry form... Death of the Final Vrykolakas!

This is my cooling blood coagulating on my dying hand.
The blood spilling from my nose and mouth cannot be contained.
Of these facts you see before you... I cannot stick my head in the sand!
There is no way I can keep my ebbing life sustained!

I killed that goddamned vampire by slicing off her undead head!
Then I drove the dry wooden stake into her unbeating heart!
I dragged her body and head into the sunlight to make sure she was dead!
And then I scattered her evil infused ashes into the wind... to swiftly depart!

Oh... she did not go without a fight, goddamn it!
She scratched and clawed and punched and tried to rip out my thorax!
The blood vomiting from my mouth into my hands is some hurtful shit!
I suppose my death, after her death, might actually be the ultimate climax!

My vampire hunter days might have ended with this last encounter of the absurd.
How can a dead human return to the undead to hunt humans for blood?
I have asked myself that question ever since my Mora's death incurred!
I hunted down her vampire murderer and took away her blood with my blood!

Fuck... it hurts so goddamn freaking bad to be human...
For hunting blood drinking monsters with five time your strength, I have bled!
But I was as dogged as an ancient warrior Roman!
I was going to kill that bloodsucking bitch... even if it killed me dead!

And now, at the end of it all, is this vampire hunter's revenge fantasy land...
I am ingloriously bleeding to death over my bathroom sink swirled!
It should have all ended better than these pictures of my bloody hand!
But these images will convey the dangers in a Horrorwalker horror World!